There is no question that technology is here to stay. Just imagine a world without mobile phones, tablets, the Internet, Facebook and all these other tools upon which we rely. Kids today must think of the ‘80s as the Dark Ages!

Advances in computers play a part in our everyday lives, even if we aren’t big tweeters, posters, bloggers or YouTube aficionados. Our cars have computers, and that high-end coffee maker on your kitchen counter makes you the perfect cup, thanks to advances in technology. (After all, what’s more important than an exceptional mug of Joe in the morning?)

Fitness fans get the benefit of streamlining their workouts with assistance from their Fitbit, Apple Watch, or tracking apps. Aspiring musicians and DJs create incredible tracks with groundbreaking software that almost gives them a portable studio, and amateur filmmakers can finally complete their dream project on a shoestring budget.

Thanks to Cayman’s first-world lifestyle and industry, those who live here find the latest and greatest toys on the market within easy reach.

The telecom companies stock smartphone models that are current in the international marketplace, and with fast Internet connections, many homeowners enjoy streaming television and movies just like they do in the U.S., Canada and beyond.

In this issue, we look at the technology presently available in Cayman and around the world, and take a peek at what the future could bring. Whether you’re a proud “geek” or someone who longs for the days of rotary dial phones and ye olde cassette tapes, we’re sure you’ll find this feature “techtacular.”