The Latest and Greatest from the World of Cellphones


This year has seen boundless innovation in an ever-expanding smartphone market, and to celebrate the upcoming announcement of the hotly anticipated iPhone 7, we are treating you to a summary of this year’s latest and greatest products in the world of smartphones.

The bar raisers: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7

The latest lineup of Samsung Galaxies is unquestionably one of the best collection of smartphones currently on the market. The more glamorous, and inevitably more expensive siblings of the Galaxy S7, combine killer looks with unrivaled performance.

samsungThe Edge and Note 7 have 5.5-inch and 5.7-inch screens respectively, which elegantly curve off towards the edges, displaying images in colorful Quad HD clarity. Professional level image quality is provided through the 12 MP camera, which is able to shoot video in crisp 4K resolution, and 4GB of RAM drives the powerful Snapdragon processor

The massive batteries, both of which are in excess of 3400 mAh, keep the devices going all day long.

All this comes in a sleek water-resistant glass and metal body that supports expandable storage, something that’s hard to find in today’s market. The Samsung Galaxy lineup is packed with standout products in an already competitive market.


Designed to fall apart: LG G5


One of the main complaints people have with phones is how delicate they are; ergo, LG has decided to go against the norm and build a phone that is actually designed to come apart.

The LG G5 is a modular smartphone that allows users to remove the bottom and replace it with accessories, such as a camera grip that improves the functionality of the phone’s camera.

It also makes replacing the battery easier than ever, despite most competitors having deserted the notion of replaceable batteries altogether. Other striking features of LG’s update are the dual rear cameras that enable the device to take wide angle photographs up to 135 degrees.



Old dog, new tricks: iPhone 6s

iphone6sAlthough the iPhone is no longer as dominant a presence in the smartphone market as it once was, the “old guy on the block” has a few tricks up his sleeve yet.

The aluminum body of the 6s is identical to that of its predecessor, but it’s what’s inside that counts here. Apple has made significant improvements to the internal hardware of its device, with one such improvement being the inclusion of the new A9 processor, which makes this iPhone a whopping 70 percent faster when in general use.

The cherry on the top of an already well-rounded phone is the new 3D Touch system, which allows the phone to react differently when varying pressures are applied to the touch-screen, a precedent that we will undoubtedly see being emulated by future phones in the market.



Bang for the buck: OnePlus 3

oneplus3The only problem with the phones previously discussed is that all of them share a stupendously expensive price – some of them even push the US $1,000 mark.

OnePlus has recently risen to prominence as a manufacturer of premium smartphones that provide everything that competing devices offer, but for only a fraction of the price. Their latest creation is the OnePlus 3, a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing device that poses a real threat to rival manufacturers. Inside the seamless metal body is an astounding 6GB of RAM – more than many computers – paired with a formidable Snapdragon 820 processor.

Dash Charge allows the device to refuel with blistering speed, and the robust 16 MP camera tops off this ultimate budget smartphone. Best of all, the device is available online carrier-unlocked for just US$399.



The 4K phone: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Xperia_Z5The outright technological brilliance of Sony’s latest flagship smartphone is a testament to how far cellular devices have come. 25 years ago, hardly anyone even owned a cell phone; now we have the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, which boasts being the first ever cell phone to have a 4K display.

The exceptionally well built glass and metal body of the phone also houses a 5.5-inch display, giving the screen an extraordinary pixel density of 806 pixels per inch. To add to the almost nonsensically detailed display, Sony has given the camera a 23-megapixel sensor, which is more than most DSLR cameras. Other standout features include water and dust resistance, as well as a mammoth 3,430 mAh battery that is optimized to deliver the average user up to two days of battery life.

It’s quite hard to see how Sony are going to improve on this technological wonder.