In politics, you must get behind someone before you stab them in the back!  No, this is not a line from a murder mystery but the general theme of the Cayman Drama Society’s production of Yes, Minister.

The British comedy, based on the early 1980s sitcom of the same name, centers around a newly appointed Government Minister named Jim Hacker MP, responsible for the fictitious Department of Administrative Affairs.

yesMeet the players

Hacker is a very gung-ho, albeit naive, politician, ready to bring sweeping change into his department.  He is also a publicity-mad bungler, incapable of making a firm decision, and prone to blunders that embarrass him or his party, eliciting bad press and stern lectures from the party apparatus.

Sir Humphrey Appleby serves as Permanent Secretary under Hacker’s Ministry and is the perfect technocrat. He is pompous, arrogant, elitist and regards his less-well-educated minister with some contempt  He is committed to maintaining the status quo for the Civil Service, and will stop at nothing to do so by manipulating his boss through obfuscation and technical jargon.


Prospect Playhouse

The production has been adapted for the stage by local theater veterans Chuck and Barrie Quappe.  Mrs. Quappe, the director of the show, and a former civil servant herself, promises the audience that every hilarious line of Yes, Minister will be all the more relevant to Cayman as our own governmental system is based off the British Parliamentary system.

Incidental music, some of which has been written by Chuck and Barrie, will be performed live.  Produced by Sheree Ebanks, with stage management from Karen Gunderson and Erica Ebanks, the show hosts some of Cayman’s most well-known actors in the lead roles such as Dominic Wheaton, Adam Roberts, and Michael McLaughlin, in addition to relative newcomer Mike Bishop.

The show runs every Thurs/Friday/Sat starting Sept. 15 through Oct. 1 with a 7:30 p.m. curtain nightly.
For information and ticket sales, visit, call 938-1998 or email [email protected].