Every year, a group of finalists is chosen, from which one young Caymanian will win the prestigious YCLA Award. These are the future industry influencers and finalists this year, and some of the community service work they do.


Dr. Alexandra ‘Lexi’ Bodden

Dr. Bodden has been the President of the Young Business Professional Women Club of Grand Cayman since June 2016, organizing wellness seminars to increase membership, and assisting with fundraisers such as the “Back to School Drive.” She is the Co-Chair for the Health and Wellness Committee of the Business Professional Women Club of Grand Cayman, and runs “Happiness 101” Stress Management Workshops for local colleges and Lunch and Learn seminars.


Tedrick Green

Even when he was just a student at John Gray High School, Tedrick Green was recognized for his leadership and volunteering acumen. In 2006, he started a company with the goal of offering more diverse Cayman-inspired keepsakes, which ultimately support and promote tourism for the Islands.

Today, the company is known as Ted Green Fragrances, Cayman’s only perfume company, which also won him the Cayman Islands Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 award.


Dr. Kristina Maxwell

Dr. Maxwell is an active volunteer and advocate for community healthcare, wellness programs, and fitness. Since 2012, she has been a “Be Fit Cayman” speaker and a guest lecturer for the Health Services Authority volunteer training program as well as for the Cayman Islands Hospital CNA program.

Dr. Maxwell enjoys promoting her career path to others. Her most amazing experience was this year’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games where she volunteered as the Team Cayman physiotherapist.


Brianna Wilkerson

Upon returning to the island after graduating from university, Brianna Wilkerson continued her volunteering work at the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the Cayman Islands, pouring every ounce of herself into the growth and development of college students, particularly women.

At her worksite PricewaterhouseCoopers, she has been a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Member since 2013. She also makes it a priority to mentor other young Caymanians at PwC in areas such as CPA exam prep, how to navigate their first few years working, and how to create work/life balance in their lives.


Shena Ebanks

Shena is active in the community and on the volunteer scene. She supports, and volunteers with, the Girl Guides and Rainbows organizations.

She is on the Board of Governors at the University College of the Cayman Islands and serves as an educator, mentor, and leader for the Human Resource profession, mentoring interns from Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) by assisting them with interview skills, job skills and resumes writing. Shena has been the president of the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals since 2014.