Get your brew on at Eagle Rays

When driving through East End, you’ll come upon Compass Point and Ocean Frontiers. Arguably the premier dive operation in that neck of the woods, Ocean Frontiers has easy access to some of the island’s best dive sites, and looking out over those sites from an enviable vantage point is Eagle Rays.

If you’re already familiar with Tukka just down the road, the easygoing nature of Eagle Rays will be just your cup of tea (or glass of beer).

eagle-raysThose who eschew the more built-up area of Seven Mile Beach appreciate the laid back atmosphere here. Nothing is rushed, and it offers the Caribbean lifestyle at its finest.

Climb the stairs to an open second floor deck and just breathe in that sea air as you take a seat at one of the shaded tables, or pull a chair up to the bar. Now it’s time for an ice cold bottle of Cayman Islands Brewery beer.

Eagle Rays stocks the staple four brewery products: Caybrew, Caybrew Premium Light, Ironshore Bock and White Tip. So whether you like your beer light or dark, they’ve got you covered.

You just have to look around you to appreciate the natural surroundings, and the folks at Eagle Rays share that appreciation. That’s why they participate in the Cayman Islands Brewery recycling program.

Empty bottles get saved and crated then collected to be cleaned, recycled and reused. It’s a great way to keep extra waste off the landfill and every effort like this counts towards a cleaner environment.

When you get to Eagle Rays, say “Hi” to Charlotte Flauder who hails from France and has been working at the place since last October. She’ll hook you up with a bottle of your favorite beer.

When it has Cayman Islands Brewery on the label, you know it’s going to be as fresh as the breezes through the bar.