Top 10 Things We Love This Month – October 2016

iphone-medical-id-setup1. Life Saving App

Many people are unaware of the ingenious and potentially life-saving Medical ID function on iPhones. The little known feature, called Medical ID, is a sort of medical passport that stores your important health information, from your allergies to your blood type. In the event of a medical emergency, responders can easily access your medical information through the lock screen, which, in some cases, can prove to be life-saving. Why not take the time to set up your own Medical ID?



2. Halloween Spooktacular

What is Halloween without a few good scares and some Trick or Treating? This year, Camana Bay will be hosting its sixth Halloween Spooktacular, an annual event that provides young families with the ultimate Halloween experience. Kids are encouraged to get their scare on in their best Halloween dress as they Trick or Treat around Camana Bay’s Town Centre. The evening’s other activities include Creepy Crafts, a Monster Bash dance, a Mad Lab, and a fantastically spooky feature film. This year’s Spooktacular at Camana Bay is sure to terrify and excite!


3. Instagram Snaps

Following Facebook’s unsuccessful attempt at purchasing Snapchat for a cool US $3 billion back in 2013, the social media giant has hit back by bringing Instagram – which it owns – a new “Stories” update, which is suspiciously reminiscent of the stories feature on Snapchat. Whatever Facebook’s intentions, this is a fantastic new feature for the video and photo sharing app, giving users a more candid look into the daily lives of their friends and followers. Only time will tell if the new addition to the app will steal Snapchat’s thunder.



4. Month of Music

October is going to be an exciting month packed with exciting new musical releases, as an assortment of popular artists are set to release new albums. This month seems to be comeback season for some of the music industry’s fallen giants. Sum41 and Green Day are releasing their first albums post-periods of turmoil, both of which were the result of the antics of the band’s front men. Hip-Hop artists French Montana and Pitbull, as well as alternative artist Beck, are also expected to be dropping new content.


5. Music on the Menu

The Cayman Arts Festival will be running the next installment of its Music On The Menu series in October. This time around, the Magical Flutes – featuring flutes, a clarinet, and a piano – will precede a lavish 3-course dinner that you can expect to include a meat, fish, and vegetarian option. All meals will be expertly cooked by the experienced chefs at Luca, where the evening’s events will take place. Tickets cost US$130. Call 922-5550 for more information.


6. PlayStation’s new VR experience

This October marks the release of the hotly anticipated PlayStation Virtual Reality headset. This is Sony’s maiden voyage into the virtual reality market, and they’re planning to make their presence known. At US$399, the PlayStation VR will be quite a lot cheaper than its competitors, which includes Facebook’s Oculus Rift. Although it can’t claim to be the highest-spec VR on the market, it can claim to be the keystone to bridging the gap between PC and console VR, something that we’ve never seen before.



7. It’s game day

What is anyone’s weekend without spending the night in front of the TV, or heading out to a local bar to watch some sports? Fall sees the commencement of many of the world’s major sports leagues’ seasons, and both the NHL and NBA will be starting up again this month. The MLS regular season will also be coming to a close, leading directly into the playoffs. This month swynd-purifierhould be an exciting one for everyday and diehard sports fans alike.


8. Wynd Air Purifier

Following an astoundingly successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over US$600,000 from a US$50,000 goal, Wynd Technologies have started production of their ingenious little air purifying gadget. The purifying device, which comes with a conveniently portable profile, analyses the air quality, and then filters out dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from the surrounding area. The purifier can also connect to your cellular device and provide you with a detailed breakdown of your surrounding air.


9. Tortuga Taffy

tortuga-taffyTortuga Rum Company, Ltd, the purveyor of the world famous Tortuga Rum Cake, is trying its hand at making taffy – the succulent toffee-like candy that one might find in a traditional sweet shop. These aren’t just any taffies though, these are Tortuga Rum taffies, and they come in an assortment of tropical rum flavors, making them the perfect sweet to tantalize the taste-buds. Flavors include (but are not limited to) rum, coconut rum, orange liqueur, and banana rum.


10. Getting a mammogram

pink-ribbonOctober is Breast Cancer Month – a time to raise awareness about the disease and how to catch it early. Booking a mammogram is easy and the appointment is quick. If you’re in the recommended age group and you haven’t had one yet, what are you waiting for? Early detection is the key to the best survival rates and winning the battle. Wear the ribbon and get checked today.