Cruise Ship Mate

The cruise ship industry is booming and cruising certainly isn’t just for pensioners, as perhaps was perceived in the past. All ages are hitting the high seas, thanks to inclusive pricing and the ability to visit multiple destinations while only unpacking once.

cruise-ship-appThe Cruise Ship Mate app will not just save you hours trying to familiar yourself with the layout of your ship, it also helps you count down the days to your trip, get information about ports, excursions, and all the features your particular vessel offers.

This app will take you through reviews and covers all the major cruise lines from Carnival to Viking. Time for a nautical adventure!


Smart Traveler

smart-travelerThe U.S. State Department has finally got into the app business, it seems. The Smart Traveler app is geared towards U.S. passport holder, but has lots of valid information for all international passport holders.

It gives you official country information, travel alerts, travel warnings and maps. It’s unfortunate but true that in this day and age, knowing if it is dangerous to travel to a particular city or country at a certain time could be the most important data to have at your fingertips.

Beyond the somewhat serious stuff, you can create personal itineraries, add notes and organize your trips.

Knowing what restrictions or requirements exist when entering a foreign country will save you a lot of hassle.


City Maps 2Go Pro

city-maps-2go-proWhen traveling to faraway lands, it might be good to have a handle on where to go and what to see. The City Maps 2Go Pro app allows you to input all of your planned locations and access them during your trip. It downloads the content ahead of time, so you don’t get stuck with a $438569 roaming bill when you return home.

Best of all, it doesn’t just point out where you are – it gives you further information on places of interest.

Organize and group your days by reviewing what stops are close together and plan accordingly.

Learn more about the city you’re visiting; it’s history; what’s worth the stop and what isn’t.


Seat Alerts

When you book your airline ticket online, and you get to the seat map, don’t you just love it when there are only middle seats available?

seat-alertsThe Seat Alerts app can possibly save you from hours of keeping both elbows to yourself by updating you when a far more attractive aisle or window seat becomes available. It monitors the flight you’ll be taking, all the way up to departure time, and should, for example, an A, C, D or F designated seat suddenly free up, it will alert you immediately. Just get in touch with the airline directly once you have the information at hand.

Free for a single alert; $0.99 for each additional alert; priceless when you consider the alternative