Carey’s Karma Closet in Buckingham Square is a treasure trove of consignment designer goods at great prices. If you love finding a bargain or your eyes sparkle when they alight upon luscious Louboutins, this is the shop for you.

carey-1We chatted with Carey Burns about why she started the Karma Closet, and why it is so irresistible to local shoppers.

When did Carey’s Karma Closet open? We open the doors on May 1, 2013.

What made you want to start a consignment store? My passion for fashion; knowing what women have in their closets and are not wearing; and simply realizing the time was right for Cayman. Designer consignment is huge, globally. It was time for us to uncover all the gems in the women’s closets in Cayman.

Where do your source your stock from? All from the lovely women of Cayman. So many women here travel extensively and find beautiful pieces from all around the world. A number of women also shop online and sometimes what they get isn’t what they wanted, which is one of the reasons we get so many brand new pieces with original tags. Once they’ve paid shipping and duty, it doesn’t make sense to return their purchases.

What are some of the top brands you’ve had in the shop? Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Prada, Hermes … We’re careyvery lucky to get some of the best quality items seen in consignment. Women often comment that the shop doesn’t look like consignment at all.

How often do you get in new things? We receive new items daily, which is pretty unique in the retail world. Items are only kept for 90 days, after which they are donated or returned to the owners. It keeps the stock very fresh and current.

What types of clothes/shoes do you have? Top to bottom. We carry athletic wear from Lululemon, shorts and T-shirts, jeans, blazers/jackets and cocktail attire to black tie gowns, with accessories to match all types of events.

We also stock a range of footwear from sneakers to stunning Christian Louboutin heels. And of course, all the gorgeous bags and jewelry to complement them.

How do you guarantee that you are carrying genuine items? Each and every item is researched very carefully to ensure we only carry 100 percent genuine designer items. If in doubt, we won’t accept.

Carey’s Karma Closet is located in Buckingham Square on Seven Mile. Call 947-4945 or visit the Facebook page.