Morritt’s Tortuga Club has been around for many years, nestled on prime real estate in East End. The pace is easier, the breezes are cooler and life just seems better on that side of the island.

charisseMorritt’s is a very popular resort for visiting tourists who eschew the busier Seven Mile west side, but Cayman residents also like it for getaway staycations. There’s another thing both parties have in common: they love drinking an icy cold Cayman Islands Brewery Beer while sitting at Mimi’s Dock Bar, watching the waves undulating towards the shore.

Charisse Dixon is one of the smiling staff members behind the bar, ready to serve you up a Caybrew or Caybrew Premium Light, day or night.

Even before Morritt’s was in situ, the original Tortuga Club was the name known in that part of the island. You could say, therefore, that the place is an institution.

One of the main reasons everyone loves East End is its unspoiled, natural environment. In order to preserve its beauty for many years to come, residents and resorts in the area participate in cleanup and recycling efforts to keep it pristine.

Morritt’s Tortuga Club is one of the companies committed to these efforts, and therefore it participates in the Cayman Islands Brewery green initiative.

Empty bottles are crated and then transported back to the brewery where they are recycled and reused, keeping them off the landfill.

Morritt’s is only about 45 minutes in a car from Seven Mile, but it seems like a world away. Feet in the sand, cold Caybrew in hand … now, isn’t that better?