When you drive into George Town from the north, you have a particularly nice view of the sea, thanks to large gaps between the buildings on the coast.

Should you actually wish to stop and take in the vista at your leisure, Le Vele on North Church St. is an excellent place to start.

Le Vele occupies the all-second floor area of the building at number 147, so there is nothing to impede your line of sight from your seat on the balcony – it’s just clear blue water to the horizon.

The traditional yet innovative Italian-style menu is certainly a draw, along with one of Cayman’s most popular mixologists – the talented Freya Palesch, originally from Vancouver, Canada.

Freya had worked on the island for many years before taking a geographical sabbatical. She is now back and ready to put her considerable skills to good use.

Anyone who knows the Palesch powerhouse, who has personality to spare, knows that when they pull up to her bar, they are in for a treat. She is always creating fantastic cocktails, and has competed in many a competition over the years.

When you add it all up, Le Vele has a lot going for it. There is the delicious food, the genuine stone pizza oven, and the extraordinary Freya behind the bar. Oh yes, and did we mention the view?

You should go.



  • 1 ½  ounces Buffalo Trace
  • 1 ½  ounces sweet vermouth
  • 1 ½  ounces local chilies and chocolate-infused bitters liqueur
  • Few drops scotch
  • Smoked sea salt

Shake the Buffalo Trace Bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters liqueur in a shaker with ice. Strain into a rocks glass with a smoked sea salt rim, filled with ice. Add few drops of scotch.