By now, you will have rung in the New Year and be ready to face 2017 with gumption and gusto. How will you approach the next 365 days? Have you already got goals in mind or are you waiting to see what the fresh wind brings?

Giving up vices and embracing a better attitude – possibly placing a priority on wellness – is on the top of many people’s lists. Thankfully, there are many spas and services available on the island to help you along. From massages, facials and body scrubs to more specialized treatments, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for on home soil.

Improving fitness levels and losing weight are also two very popular resolutions. One person’s solution may not be another’s. For example, simply cutting back on calories and walking more may work for some, while others need a regimented schedule to keep them on track.

Some like to exercise alone and some need a group atmosphere to keep them motivated. Take a look at local options in this feature to help you choose what works for you.

A man who has made his sporting career a legendary one certainly knows about discipline and goals. Manny Pacquiao, world-renowned boxer, is coming to the Cayman Islands this month for the Island Rumble while also meeting his thousands of resident fans. We’ve got his schedule right here so you known when and where you can catch a glimpse of the international Filipino superstar.

No matter what you choose to do this year, make it a happy one. Fill it with love, laughter and good times.

Happy New Year!