Le Vele Restaurant, located at 147 North Church Street in the heart of George Town, is an ideal spot for lunch or dinner. As it occupies the entire second floor, it has balcony seating that stretches the length of the building, giving many diners a fantastic view of the sea.

Le Vele specializes in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and with its genuine brick oven and window to the sparkling water, you might very well think you were in that part of the world for a moment. Ah, but then you realize as you order a cold Cayman Islands Brewery beer that you are in the Caribbean and there is no better place to be.

Le Vele stocks the staple lineup of Caybrew products: Ironshore Bock, White Tip, Caybrew Premium Light and of course, Caybrew itself. With a customer base that covers residents and visitors, the popular hotspot makes sure it always has a range of local beer available to suit all tastes.

Speaking of tastes, beyond Le Vele’s a la carte menu of dishes, it has an impressive list of handmade pizzas that begs a closer look. From the classic Margherita, Proscuitto and 4 Cheese wheels of delight to gourmet creations such as the Norwegian Wood with salmon, Duck Confit featuring truffle oil, and Pearadise for the vegetarian set, Le Vele takes the noble pizza to another level.

You know what goes well with pizza, right? Beer!

Fabrizio Grossi, one of Le Vele’s international staff members, always thinks pizza and beer is a good idea – particularly when you take a seat on the balcony and indulge your palate while the sun sets.

Le Vele is proud to participate in the Cayman Islands Brewery’s recycling program, sending bottles back to the brewery to be collected, cleaned and reused. So go green, and visit Le Vele this week. It’s the place to be.