You’ve joined a health club and now you’re curious about fitness classes. You’re almost ready to sign up for an indoor cycle, yoga or strength-training class, but something stops you. You feel nervous and uncomfortable and decide to wait.

Group fitness classes are a fantastic way to exercise because you’re guided by an expert, plus the energy of the group keeps you motivated. However, because it’s something new that puts people outside their comfort zone, it’s common to feel apprehensive in the beginning.

To help you gain confidence to try any type of group exercise class, consider these tips:

Comfort over style – No one cares what you’re wearing. If you want to wear gym shorts and a T-shirt, do it. Just make sure you’re comfortable and safe. Don’t spend a fortune on the latest fitness clothing trends or labels.

Expensive does not equal better.

Don’t be self-conscious – It’s easy to assume everyone in class is fit, knows all the moves and is judging you. No one cares. Once the music starts and the instructor begins, all eyes are up front taking direction and being lifted into the moment.

Instructors want to assist – All instructors – and other members – want to help you, so just walk in and let the instructor know you are new or have a question. That welcoming feeling takes the edge off and chances are, you’ll have met a new friend.

Listen to your body – You know your body best; if something doesn’t feel right or if you know you have problems with something, modify the workout correspondingly. People do that all the time and many instructors are good about suggesting such modifications.

Give it 100 percent – You get out what you put in. If you put in minimal effort, you can expect minimal results. But if you give it your all, you can expect some pretty fantastic fitness changes.

Celebrate victories – During the cool-down and stretching segment of class, take a moment to celebrate your victory. Take that feeling with you and own it. Then look at the class schedule and commit to another one.