The scents and smells of wonderful Venetian-inspired Italian cuisine have come to the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. Chef Federico Destro and Barnabas “Barney” Bako have together opened their dream restaurant, serving fantastic food, wine, and locally brewed beer.

The menu at Bacàro is as tempting as it is irresistible. From the “Nibbles” to the “Grandi” plates, it seems that people can just stop by for a light snack and a beverage or stay for a fully-fledged dinner. If you’ve ever visited Italy, you’ll know that such easygoing methods of eating are part of the culture.

The restaurant overlooks the water where boats move lazily through from time to time. It’s like the Caribbean version of the Grand Canal.

At Bacàro, they serve fresh food made from fresh ingredients, and that includes the beer that is freshly created at the Cayman Islands Brewery. Bacàro carries the flagship products from the brewery: Caybrew, White Tip and Ironshore Bock, as well as the refreshing Twisted Citrus. Locals and tourists alike ask for them by name, so the restaurant makes sure it has them in stock at all times.

There is no question that Bacàro is surrounded by the beauty of nature and appreciates its envied position near the sea. So, like many other bars, restaurants and venues on the island, it recycles its Caybrew beer bottles to be “green.” All of the brewery’s empty bottles are crated and picked up to be sanitized and reused. It’s a way to save the environment and keep the island looking beautiful.

Just wait until you see the Bacàro menu. We have a feeling you’ll be adding a visit to Venice to your schedule very soon.