The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) is Cayman’s leading visual arts organization, hosting countless programs and events, and home to a permanent display of the islands’ National Art Collection. If you have never visited the gallery, you’re missing inspiring works of art, first-class architecture, beautiful sculpture gardens and a superb gift store full of fantastic finds and locally made items.

This year, the National Gallery is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and as part of the celebrations, it has partnered with Digicel to take art on the road. Reaching every school in the Cayman Islands, including the Sister Islands, NGCI curators and educators are bringing prints from the National Art Collection that illustrate important elements of the islands’ maritime history.

NGCI Director and Curator, Natalie Urquhart said, “As islanders, our national identity is intrinsically tied to the surrounding ocean. Our current exhibitions, featured artists, and latest initiative to bring ‘Art on the Road’ explore this evolving relationship, honoring our history while critically engaging with how the future may be shaped.

“It is fitting that we launch such an important year in the history of the National Gallery with a reflection on this aspect of our cultural heritage and look forward to engaging with schoolchildren across the Cayman Islands as part of the exciting programing schedule.”

“Thanks to the generous support from Digicel, we are able to connect with the next generation of young creatives and break free of the confines of the gallery space to bring free art lessons directly to students, making for some memorable learning opportunities,” added NGCI Assistant Curator, Kerri-Anne Chisholm.

Visit the gallery

Members of the public are invited to continue the celebration of Cayman’s maritime story at the National Gallery, which can now be accessed through the F.J. Harquail Theatre via Lawrence Boulevard. Admission to the National Gallery is free and if you’re looking to snag an invitation to exhibition openings and VIP events, be sure to sign up to become a member.

This is a great way to get involved, get invited, and learn all about the art, culture, and heritage of the Cayman Islands, not to mention the fact that it is a great place to meet friends.