Springtime Fashion and Beauty

Where fall fashion can be dark and mysterious, often involving layers of clothes and heavier material to keep the colder temperatures at bay, spring fashion is the complete opposite. Perhaps in celebration of warmer winds and longer days, colors are brighter and garments are lighter.

Pinks and yellows were spied on the runways around the world, along with puffy sleeves on eye-catching tops, and swimwear to get you noticed. The bikini is a perennial choice, but maybe this spring it’s time to try something new. There are some flattering one-piece designs out there to get the mercury rising.

This feature also covers the latest shoes, accessories and hairstyle trends, with products you can buy right here in Cayman. The boutiques and shops on the island keep abreast of the newest designers and styles with an excellent variety to choose from.

When was the last time you went on a local shopping spree? Have you taken a look in the boutiques? You’d probably be surprised at what’s available, and how reasonable the prices are. Shop local, and you don’t have to pay for flights, a hotel, a rental car and all those other expenses that really add up when you shop abroad. Plus, you don’t risk coming back with an item sporting one of those pesky security tags that someone forgot to remove.

When it comes to top quality make-up products from all the names you know and love, Cayman has you covered. Metallics seem to be very popular on the red carpet and on the skin, and even though lighter shades are favored in the daytime, you can be sure that darker hues will emerge when the sun goes down.

Red lipstick in multiple tones to match your mood and cat’s-eye liner are still very much in vogue, so don’t pack away those sultry colors just yet.

Enjoy our fashion pages and get a taste of what’s hot this spring!