Top Travel Apps


It’s hard to be happy for friends when you hear of an amazing airfare they found while you’ve paid through the nose for a middle seat in coach class. If you want to be one of those basking in the light of discount fares, you might want to give the DealRay app a try. The members-only airfare tracker finds low-cost flight deals and sends notifications when it detects massive price drops, error fares, or flash sales.

All flights originate in the U.S. and the deals are sometimes only available for a few hours, but that being said, isn’t it worth giving it a try? You don’t have much to lose.

Free to download, monthly subscription


When you’re running for a flight and your tummy is grumbling, it might be better to try and grab something quick in the airport instead of facing a bag of pretzels (if you’re lucky) onboard the plane. The Grab app will let you look at airport restaurant menus ahead of time, map them in the terminal, and order in advance in some locations so you can pick up your food on the way to the gate. The app currently serves 174 eateries at 17 airports in the U.S. and by early 2017, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will offer Grab’s mobile ordering at all of its 200 dining outlets. Now this is a great idea.


As You Stay

Don’t you just loathe a long layover at an airport when a perfectly good hotel room is a quick taxi ride away? The Miami Airport Hotel has offered day rates for a while now, and the As You Stay app gives the same kind of option over a number of cities.

As You Stay has partnered with more than 50 properties in New York City, including the Park Lane and the Paul Hotel, and a dozen hotels in Miami’s South Beach, with properties in Chicago and San Francisco coming later this year. Whether you’re a businessman needing a room for a few hours or just want some peace and quiet, you can book in a jiffy, no overnight stay required.



Airbnb is marvy and all that, covering a huge variety of accommodation choices from couch surfing to luxury apartments, but if you’d rather cut out the cheap and cheerful stuff and just focus on the high quality digs, Oasis could be for you. This short-term rental company has a pared-down list of coveted luxury apartments and homes in close-to two dozen destinations, including Rio de Janeiro, Miami, and Milan. Guests can also use the app to access a 24/7 concierge to help with restaurant reservations, theater tickets, and tour bookings. Perks are available in every city, including access to gyms and spas, discounts, and the VIP treatment at restaurants and bars.