Those of us not lucky enough to live on the beach while having our every wish granted should all consider taking a staycation in Cayman. I confess that I hadn’t realized the real benefit of taking a vacation at home, until I spent a weekend at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Since then, I have stayed at the Marriott, the Wyndham Reef Resort, Villas of the Galleon and The Meridian … and those are just the ones I remember!

It really does feel like a proper getaway, particularly if you use the money you might have spent on flights by treating yourself to some spa treatments, on-site dining and a beverage or three. There are also cabana rentals at some properties if you really want to splash out and feel like a VIP.

When my friend and I stayed at The Ritz-Carlton, we indulged in its fabulous breakfast which included a fresh orange juice machine that squeezed the oranges right before your very eyes. I wanted to pilfer that behemoth for my house.

At sunset we sipped chilly beverages at BarJack and had sushi at Taikun. Our beds were made – every day! We’d go out and by the time we came back, the room had been cleaned! That alone was worth the stay.

When we stayed at the Marriott we were there over a weekend, and so brunch on Sunday was a must – crawling distance from our room. Highly recommended.

Staying at Villas of the Galleon and The Meridian were slightly different, yet no less wonderful experiences. This time we had multiple bedrooms, a full kitchen and dining area and still the wonderful proximity to the white sand of Seven Mile Beach. We went swimming in the day, had drinks on the balcony in the evening and cranked the air-conditioning at night – so indulgent!

A staycation in East End and North Side really feels like a world away. The traffic is much less apparent, the sea displays a wider range of colors and the districts are more reminiscent of the Cayman of yesteryear.

When we stayed at the Wyndham Reef we appreciated the island from a whole new point of view. I was even tempted to just lie out on the main road to see how it felt. There were that few cars. Kaibo was a short drive away and East End offered completely new dive sites a stone’s throw from shore.

We sat at the bar and chatted with people from other countries, giving them advice on what to do while they were in Cayman, then we sat on the dock to watch the moon reflect on the water.

You know that spectacular sunset? The sunrise off East End is pretty spectacular too. You have to get up early, but not as early as you’d have to if you were anywhere else on the island.

After doing it many times myself, I can absolutely recommend booking a staycation. Pamper yourself for a few days; you’ll feel like a new person. Play tourist!