Way back in the day, a group dinner was finished with the men retiring to talk business and smoke cigars and the women went to play the pianoforte and discuss poetry. Mercifully, things have changed a lot since then.

Men visiting the spa and getting treatments (gasp!) may have seemed like a ridiculously foreign concept in the early 20th century. Massages, and certainly facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing were almost exclusively the domain of females. Nowadays, however, men can be found roaming spas in their droves; as familiar with the landscape as lions at their favorite watering hole.

There are many spas on the island, offering treatments that range from the basic to the fancy and luxurious. The major resorts all house spas of some size or the other, often with extras like steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs.

Here are some of the treatments you might want to look at to relieve stress, help you relax, and make your epidermis look fantastic.


Contrary to popular belief, craggy fingernails and toenails don’t look manly – they just look grungy. We’re not saying you need to have a hint of pearl pink gloss on them, but bitten/dirty nails do no one any favors, particularly on an island where they are rarely hidden by gloves and proper shoes. In a place where bare hands and flip-flops are a normal part of the wardrobe, doesn’t it make sense to pay attention to your extremities?

Beyond the fact that they will look exponentially more attractive, the treatment isn’t just a quick clip and goodbye. It often includes a bit of a scrub and massage that can really revitalize you – particularly your peds.


In a lot of ways, men need facials more than women. That coarse facial hair can play havoc with your skin, particularly if you suffer from ingrown follicles. Although any facial with professional products should improve your skin, whether it’s dry or oily, certain large spas with extensive menus will have facials that specifically cater to men’s skin and its specific issues. For example the la prairie spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman has its la prairie Signature Men’s Facial, featuring the exclusive Cellular Complex and Cellular 3-Minute Peel to eliminate congestion and energize the skin. The Westin Hibiscus Spa also offers a facial for men, specifically designed to combat the effects of shaving and the environment.


This is probably the least difficult treatment to convince men to try. Massage has been around for centuries and athletes are certainly aware of the benefits it brings to sore muscles. Men, just like women, carry a lot of stress on their shoulders and a massage can seriously improve mood, sense of wellbeing, ability to deal with pressure and ensure a better night’s sleep. More and more, men are learning that needing a massage doesn’t make them weaker people – it is as important as visiting a doctor when feeling run down.

Spas offer a range of different massage treatments, from deep tissue and sports massage that really gets into the muscles to work out tough knots, to Swedish, aromatherapy and hot stone massages, which are soothing and effective for getting rid of stress.


Women get a certain guilty pleasure from the idea of men going through the joy of waxing, something they’ve been doing for far longer. That being said, a number of men with hair that they’d like removed have begun to turn to waxing as a solution. Just don’t watch “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” before you go.

Other treatments

Body scrubs and wraps are terrific when your skin is weathered, dry and in need of nourishment. One recommendation is a body wrap followed by the Vichy Shower to be found at the Westin Hibiscus Spa. If you haven’t tried it, put it on your list.

The Purification Hammam Journey warm detox treatment at the Kimpton Seafire + Spa also seems like a winner. Two hours that takes you through a body cleanse and massage. Probably a good choice after a hard night.

As time moves on, men seem to be finally realizing what women have known for decades: a visit to the spa is always a good idea. Book today and feel the difference.