1. Charter a private yacht

Take it from us, unless you have mucho moolah, owning a boat can be an expensive venture. Instead of dealing with the headaches of docking fees, repairs and other expenses, why not feel like a millionaire for a small percentage of the cost? Cayman Luxury Charters boasts three yachts – “Cayman Elusion,” “Sea Star” and “Cayman Evasion” – that feature beautifully appointed galleys, sleek lines, and even a jet ski that tags along if you really want that James Bond feeling. The best part? Your very own captain onboard. See www.caymanluxurycharters.com.

2. Indulgent treats

We happened into Bay Market in Camana Bay on a sunny Thursday last month, and picked up a box of  almond butter toffee from the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company. The contents certainly lived up to the image on their packaging. The stuff was like crack – we couldn’t get enough of it! The next day we stopped by again and picked up a few more boxes, along with some sea salt pecan burrs by the same company for good measure. If you want to bribe someone to do your bidding, or just deserve some self-indulgence, this is the stuff.

3. Addicted to fitness

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be addicted to something that is so good for your body and health? Hugh Cotterell, former police officer and professional bodybuilder, has been in the bodybuilding industry for over 30 years, and now he’s bringing his expertise to the Cayman public. He is a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, and with his wife, Karen, now sells a line of affordable supplements, fitness accessories and apparel. Looking for a better bod? Check out addictedtofitnessky.com and let the transformation begin.

4. Bàcaro

The relatively new Bàcaro restaurant at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club never really had the chance to enjoy even a small grace period. From the moment it officially joined the local culinary scene in February, it was inundated with patrons eager to check out its airy design and Venetian-inspired menu. We managed to garner ourselves a table in the early weeks, and can report that the rumors are true – Bàcaro is fabulous, dahling.
Tip: order the crispy lobster bites. Yummers.

5. Resident rate at Margaritaville Resort

The Margaritaville Beach Resort Grand Cayman is celebrating its soft opening with a fantastic resident rate, valid through June 30. For just US$150 per night, locals can experience the new resort by hanging out at the License to Chill lobby bar, or relaxing at the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar & Grill at the pool. All service, government and resort fees are waived so you can use the money you save on a “Where’s the Party” margarita, or one of the resort’s gourmet hot dogs such as Nonna Isella and Tikka Dog. That is all.

6. Cinco de Mayo

Every year, the Mexicans celebrate their army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, and every year, people from other nations get in on the action. Cayman is no different, and with restaurants like Carlos & Martin’s and Casa 43 serving up the tamales on the local scene, you know that the tequila will be flowing. Expect drink and food specials, along with a lot of colorful décor and atmosphere. Get to Casa 43 early if you want a table.

7. Petit Paris

For a small taste of the City of Light, head to Petit Paris French Bakery on Market St in Camana Bay. Here you’ll find delectable sweet and savory treats such as pastries, cakes, salads, wraps and sandwiches. We sampled a few of the items on the menu (purely for scientific research purposes, of course) and can say that you certainly get your money’s worth with the sausage rolls and baguette sandwiches – they don’t skimp on the ingredients. We will be visiting Paris again very soon.

8. 69SLAM in Caribbean Plaza

The 69SLAM designer label has been around since its first collection was released in 2004. Since then, it has built a reputation as a youthful and provocative brand, bringing a whimsical attitude to all of its designs. This apparel is perfect wear for anyone living and playing in the islands, so it’s high time it was available here. Your wish is granted. The 69SLAM boutique is now open in Caribbean Plaza on West Bay Road, offering its colorful collection of men and womenswear to the island. Surf’s up!

9. Backroom Bar

The Backroom Bar, located in Regency Court on West Bay Road, is a speakeasy-style cigar lounge and bar that follows in the grand tradition of semi-secret places that people are somewhat loathe to share once they’ve discovered them. It has all the coveted attributes of a cozy escape from the outside world: comfortable cushioned chairs, warm lighting and cunningly crafted cocktails, courtesy of award-winning bartenders. No membership necessary, you just have to seek the place out. Once you’ve found it, you too will probably want to keep it all to yourself.

10. Cayman National Choir turns 40

The Cayman National Choir is celebrating 40 years in 2017, so expect to see a number of special events on the calendar to honor this local musical institution. On May 27, for example, the large collection of choristers will perform with the Cayman National Orchestra and famed Jamaican tenor Steve Higgins at the Arts & Recreation Centre in Camana Bay. Tickets are $25 and part proceeds will go to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. For more information about the Cayman National Choir, including how to become a member, visit www.caymanchoir.com.