Guides by Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet books have been travelers’ bibles for many years, with advice on everything from accommodation and dining to entertainment and points of interest in international countries large and small.

Now you can download a guide for free before hitting the streets, so no need to worry about heinous roaming charges or having to find a WiFi Hotspot when you are abroad.

You’ll have budget travel recommendations and quirky cafes at your fingertips, not to mention a host of sightseeing suggestions, provided by those on the ground and in the know.

It won’t feel like such a lonely planet with this app in your hand.




Sidekix is a city exploration app that allows the user to download city guides with advice about bars, shops, museums and the like. This is a particularly useful tool when traveling through the U.S. as there is a wealth of information available on domestic cities. Using GPS-technology, users navigate within the map. As you walk, recommended stops pop up. For example, if a coffee shop sounds interesting, you can click on it and read other customer’s experiences.

Use free WiFi to download a specific map before leaving a hot spot, rather than using a data plan. It also uses a lot of battery, so start the day with a full charge.



Café WiFi

If there’s something the urban traveler seeks, not matter where he or she roams, it’s free WiFi. When visiting the U.S., people naturally gravitate towards the tried-and-true options such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, but what to do when in unfamiliar territory? The Café WiFi app comes to the rescue by using FourSquare and user-generated reviews to give you the inside track on free connectivity. Unsurprisingly, you’ll find the most options in big cities such as New York and London, but it’s still worth a look no matter where you find yourself.

It’s free, so what have you got to lose?



Everyone is looking for the best deal out there, or if they’re not, they must be rolling in the dough. For the rest of us, being able to get a great price on a flight, hotel or rental car almost makes travel bearable. The Skyscanner app, which used to focus solely on flights, has now expanded to cover the other elements, making it a highly useful tool. It scans all the major companies to help you get the best value and has a “Top Deals” tab perfect for spontaneous trips away. The ‘search everywhere’ feature is still a winner for finding those bargain flights when you are up for exploring anywhere.