We’re nearly all guilty of it here in Cayman – using our cars to get, well, just about anywhere, door-to-door. At the same time, many of us are concerned about minimizing our impact on the environment. Opting for cleaner, more efficient fuel is one smart choice we can make as consumers. So, it’s welcome to hear that one of the island’s major gas stations is rising to the challenge with fuels that help cars guzzle less gas. Happily, what’s better for the planet is better for your car and your wallet, too.

Rubis – which has a dozen locations across Cayman, from Morgan’s Harbour to East End – dispenses Ultra Tec, a state-of-the-art fuel additive. Unlike other fuels, Rubis’s “Pure 89,” “Pure 93” and Ultra Tec Diesel contain no Octane Boosters – an additive that can severely compromise the performance of your vehicle. Rubis’s fuel and diesel are also free of Ethanol, responsible for water absorption that leads to corrosion in engines.

PURE 93 is the champion in the Rubis arsenal, as it is the highest-octane fuel available in the Cayman Islands.

What does this mean for the consumer? It exceeds the octane requirements of high-performance gasoline vehicles, meets USA Top Tier performance requirements and offers noticeable performance improvement after two-to-four fill-ups at your Rubis Service Station.

PURE 89 is purely 89 octane fuel, free of Octane Boosters and Ethanol. Not only does it improve fuel efficiency by reducing unburned fuel and enabling you to drive longer distances for less money, it also keeps your engine running like new and reduces maintenance expenses. When you put the quality in, you save money overall and lower the chance of unexpected breakdowns.

Ultra Tec, only found in Rubis fuel, is a patented cleaning agent that keeps your engine running like a dream.

From the fuel injectors to the combustion chamber and valves, Ultra Tec works to remove deposit build-up as it moves through the car’s system, increasing performance and helping your vehicle keep its value for longer.

Rubis strives to be as environmentally aware as possible; this is evident in its most recent diesel offering: Ultra Tec Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). Sulfur is a naturally occurring element found in crude oil as well as one of the main culprits in air pollution. ULSD boasts a significantly lower sulfur content than regular diesel, which means reduced sulfur dioxide emissions, lower levels of black smoke and exhaust fumes, and improved air quality for our island. The Ultra Tec also works as a cleaning agent to help prevent buildup and remove harmful deposits on an engine’s fuel injectors, combustion and valves, enhancing performance and reducing maintenance costs.

If you are not yet a believer of the Pure quality, you are invited to “Fuel the Difference” at any of Rubis’s 12 convenient locations across the country.