Anyone who has visited the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa will see that it has incorporated many cultural, artistic and environmental elements of the Cayman Islands in its design and décor.

In the library, you’ll find a genuine, full-size catboat hanging from the ceiling, along with images from the Cayman Islands of yesteryear. Over the Ave bar hangs a beautiful driftwood installation, and when you take a seat beneath it, you can order a Cayman Islands Brewery beer.

It should come as no surprise to discover that the Kimpton Seafire is all about serving up local products, although it’s not a difficult sale when it comes to Caybrew and all the other popular beers that the brewery produces.

Locals and visitors can’t get enough of the stuff.

The Kimpton Seafire stocks four of the most popular bottle brands from the brewery: Caybrew, Caybrew Premium Light, White Tip and Ironshore Bock. Have you tried these brews yet? You may not know this, but they have won awards in international competitions. Surely you should sample them to see which suits you best.

When visiting the Ave bar, you may run into Juan Martinez, a charming man with years of bartending experience. His winning personality has won him many fans and he certainly knows his tipples.

He can also be sometimes found at the Chef’s Counter Dinner, a special menu that runs from Mon-Sat every week for up to ten people per night. See the masters create the dishes before your very eyes; it’s a personal culinary experience you won’t soon forget.

The Kimpton Seafire is still less than a year old, and yet it has already made its mark on the landscape. Locals and visitors flock to its Sunday brunch, or just relax at the outdoor bar whilst taking in the cool breezes.

If you haven’t stopped by yet, you really should. Pull up a chair, order a Caybrew, and let the Caribbean vibe wash over you.