Being out on the water is a way of life here in Cayman and with so many opportunities to get your toes wet why not try something different to get you a bit closer to nature? You don’t need a big boat to go exploring.

Personal water craft

The next best thing to a boat might be a wave runner or jet ski. These are great fun, and just like buying a boat, there are many outlets on the island that sell them. Again, make sure you do your research – very often you can buy a new model with warranty for a similar price to a used one – and always take it out on the water for a test drive before you buy.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for an afternoon out on the water with no hassle, then head to Fat Fish Adventures for a guided tour of some of Cayman’s hot spots while getting to drive your own “boatercycle” in between each stop off – best day ever!


Along Seven Mile Beach you can rent kayaks at any of the Red Sail Sports outlets. They are relativity cheap to rent so unless you are intent on making a hobby of it and buying one, this is probably the best way to get your fix.

For something a bit more exciting why not try one of the bioluminescence tours? Taking off from Rum Point after sunset, you can paddle your own canoe while taking in the wonder of the glowing water below you. Take note that the best time to go is during a new moon phase – with less light from the moon, the glow coming from the water is much brighter. Or, take a tour through the mangroves during the day for another kayaking adventure. Rife with nature, you can learn about the ecological purpose of mangroves and see some of Cayman’s wildlife, in and out of the water.


With the stand-up paddleboards trend going from strength to strength, there is no better place than on Cayman’s flat, peaceful waters to give this a try. Both inflatable and foam stand up paddleboards can be pricey and heavy, so like kayaks, unless it is going to become a regular weekend hobby, it could be a weighty purchase in every sense of the word. As there are plenty of outlets along Seven Mile Beach where you can hire one out for a couple of hours, you won’t have to carry it back to your car or home – you can just leave it right where you got it! Visit Vitamin Sea for lessons, paddleboard yoga and the monthly full moon paddle session from Caribbean Club to Hemingways.


Another popular hobby is kite surfing. If you haven’t seen it already, head down to Barkers Beach in West Bay on a windy weekend to see the pros in action. A truly thrilling experience just to watch, you can only imagine what it must be like to be out there on the water, riding the wind. With a growing following here in Cayman, lessons and equipment hire are available at Waterman Cayman Surf Co., so now’s the time to go fly a kite; or have it fly you!


This has got to be one of the coolest ways to cruise into summer. Why? Because a Quadski is an ATV and a jet ski, all rolled into one! That’s right, you can drive it around on land, and when you’re ready to hit the water, in it goes.

No need to switch to a boat and hitch a trailer to your truck. Book a tour with Quadski Adventure Tours and see what you’ve been missing.