After much anticipation, YARA Global Steakhouse has opened its doors and is making its mark on Cayman’s culinary map. Attached to the new Margaritaville Beach Resort, YARA is the latest dining attraction on the Seven Mile strip.

At the helm is veteran Chef Dylan Benoit, returning to Cayman after a year of travel and food exploration throughout Asia with brief stopovers in Mexico, Australia and Ireland. Being a seasoned traveler, we asked him what it means for YARA to be a “Global Steakhouse.”

“To me, Global Steakhouse means we can explore cuisines from all over the world with the menu at YARA,” he replies. “Cooking food with fire and a grill is universal, and there are dishes from every corner of the globe that can be researched, tested and put into practice under this concept, which is very exciting.

“We also plan on taking this brand literally global with locations outside of the Cayman Islands, and I expect each location will have a slightly different menu, exploring a different cuisine.”

The atmosphere inside YARA is alive and welcoming. You can feel the beat of the sultry lounge music as you approach the entrance and you’ll be whisked away by the beauty of the contemporary island décor. Reclaimed driftwood and air-brushed portraits by local artist Tansy Maki are scattered throughout the dining room.

The teal bar chairs and tan seats are soft and comfortable, enticing you to relax and stay a while, whether for cocktails and crudo in the lounge or full a la carte dinner in the dining room.

“I think the best way to describe the menu is ‘playful’,” Benoit says. “My team and I are having a blast working with some unique items like yuzu, black garlic, fresh wasabi root and uncommon game meats such as venison striploin, bison ribeye and our smoked lamb ribs.

“We want to challenge the guests a little bit, give them something they have never tried before, without coloring too far outside the lines. There is such a consciousness around food these days and the general public is being exposed to more and more cuisines and cultures daily.

“People are accustomed to eating really good food, especially here in Cayman. A guest is not going to come to my restaurant and order something they could cook for themselves, so we are always pushing to prepare and present food in a different way.”

YARA Global Steakhouse is located at 269 West Bay Road in the Margaritaville Beach Resort. For more information and reservations, visit