When visitors ask locals for the inside track on a great beach bar, Calico Jack’s will definitely enter the conversation at some point. Located on Seven Mile Beach, this laid back hangout hosts dedicated regulars mingling with tourists.

One only has to pull up a chair at Calico Jack’s a few times to see that the staff members are like a family. It would be interesting to know how many white collar workers have made the decision to leave the office behind to work in the service industry after witnessing the camaraderie at this place.

Mixologist Lori Jager can attest to the positive atmosphere she enjoys every day. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Lori grew up in Guelph and studied sociology in university. It was there that she got her first taste of the hospitality business.

There was a bar on campus where anyone who worked there found themselves doing everything from bartending to serving to stocking and so on. “I needed money to pay for school, so I started working there,” says Lori.

After university, she was trying to figure out what her next step was to be when friends gave fate a hand. They told her about the Cayman Islands and recommended that she try working there for a while. It was the summer after Hurricane Ivan had hit, and with bars and restaurants now reopening, she got a job with relative ease.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Apart from a six-month travel break and a rollover year, Lori stayed in the Cayman Islands, joining the team at Calico Jack’s in 2008. She couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

“The regulars and staff are amazing here,” she says. “The staff members are truly my best friends, and even though really busy days can be stressful, I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

If you’ve never spent an evening at Calico Jack’s, you really need to, and if you haven’t visited it in a while, reacquaint yourself with this legendary joint.

Lori looks forward to seeing you.


Blueberry Freeze

  • 1 ½ ounces Stoli Blueberi
  • Club soda
  • Virgin frozen margarita mix

Pour Stoli Blueberi into a glass, then top with half club soda and half virgin frozen margarita mix. That’s it!