Last year, we produced our first Top 50 list of fun things to do over the summer. It was so popular, that we decided to do the same again this year.

There are always the classic activities that spring to mind, like swimming with those amazing stingrays in North Sound or scuba diving at some of the best sites in the world, but new adventures are constantly popping up from East End to West Bay and across to the Sister Islands.

Have you yet tried rock climbing in Cayman Brac? A new company there welcomes amateurs and experts to see the island from a whole new perspective, courtesy of its 140-foot bluff. You can stay for a few days and explore the caves at the same time.

Outdoorsy types have no shortage of things to do this summer. They can hang out on the beach, take a swim, spend the day on a boat, cycle around the island, organize a barbecue, go horseback riding or start training for the marathon coming up in December.

Lovers of the great indoors can spend the quieter months becoming intimately acquainted with the island’s many restaurants, bars and clubs. There are certainly worse ways to spend the days and evenings. Although The Ritz-Carlton has stopped its Sunday brunch until November, never fear, there are many venues still offering a sumptuous buffet of delights, topped off with unlimited bubbles and in some cases, craft cocktails.

One thing to always remember is that this is hurricane season and preparedness is the key to a safe and happy summer. Get your supplies together along with important documents and keep them in a safe place. Have a shelter plan and stay informed about the regional weather patterns. The best way to enjoy your summer in the Caribbean is to be proactive.