Kaibo: white sands and green intentions

When traveling to the north side of the island, it would be downright criminal to not visit Kaibo restaurant, beach bar and marina. This legendary property has seen many a party in its time, and over the years it has honed its offerings to meet the demands of its customers.

The Upstairs Restaurant and Rare Rum Bar cater to a discerning palate, with award-winning Chef Laurence Tham cooking up delights in the kitchen. The bar boasts a collection of rums from the four corners of the globe, sure to intrigue and impress any aficionado, while downstairs at the Beach Bar, beer enthusiasts have their choice of freshly brewed local products.

The Beach Bar has always drawn a crowd, particularly on the weekends, when residents jump into their cars or vessels and beat a path to North Side. Here you’ll find friendly staff members from countries all over the world, like Natasha Driesse, who hails from Italy. You can order some bites to share, or keep a Kaibo burger with all the fixings to yourself. It’s served up with Kaibo’s famous fries.

For the heartier appetite, there are big plates like fish ‘n’ chips, spare ribs, or Cayman style mahi. It all just tastes better when washed down with an ice-cold Cayman Islands Brewery beer.

Kaibo carries a range of the brewery’s bottled beers: Caybrew, Caybrew Premium Light, Ironshore Bock, White Tip, and even members of its Craft Beer line, such as Twisted Citrus beer.

Something Kaibo takes very seriously is preservation of the environment. After all, it is its location on the white sandy beach, surrounded by shady trees, that makes it so appealing. That is why it participates in the Cayman Islands Brewery reuse and recycling program.

The empty bottles are collected and crated, then picked up by the brewery to be cleaned, sanitized and reused. It keeps bottles from littering the coast, ending up in the sea or on the landfill.

When was the last time you spent the day at Kaibo? If it’s been a while, it’s high time you went back. It’s the mini-vacation you’ve been missing.