Living in tropical climes gives you no excuse to not look after your nails, especially when they’re constantly on show at the beach, at restaurants or on nights out with friends. Making your fingernails and toenails look beautiful can often be time consuming but we’re here to help you with some easy nail care tips.

Basic maintenance

Just like your hair or your face, the key to having healthy and beautiful nails is maintenance. This should include trimming your nails regularly, filing them so they’re smooth around the edges, and ensuring you keep them as clean as possible to avoid bacteria build up.

Pick your products wisely

Damage to nails is usually caused by not caring for them properly or using products filled with nasty chemicals. If you like to color your nails, keep them nourished by making sure you use a gentle nail polisher remover that doesn’t contain acetone.

If your nails are dry and brittle, try rubbing a restorative oil-based serum into them daily. Pick up an essential oil like avocado or jojoba at a pharmacy or supermarket.

Stop that biting!

If you can’t kick the habit, invest in a clear nail polish that’s been specially formulated to taste bitter. It should help you stop biting for good.

Handbag essentials

To keep your nails looking pristine, there are a few essentials you should store in your handbag. An emery board is ideal for filing down broken nails while a hand cream is a must-have, especially here in Cayman where exposure to constant air-conditioning can make cuticles and nails dry.

Keeping them colorful

Having your nails painted at a salon is a real treat and takes some of the stress out of doing them yourself.

Luckily, Cayman has plenty of salons including long-time favorite Eva’s, the luxury Seafire Spa at the Kimpton, and medical day spa Beyond Basics, which even offers vegan nail polish manicures. Try to avoid having too many acrylic and gel manicures though, as they can be tough on your nails.