The Fall Fashion edition is one of our favorites. Maybe it’s that early Christmas breeze that wafts across the island at this time of year, or perhaps it’s the richer colors and formal gowns that appear in the shops. Whatever the reason, there’s something exciting about revealing the latest trends on the runway.

Unlike many other countries in the world, Cayman doesn’t experience much of a winter. The mercury rarely drops below 70 degrees and so heavy, fluffy coats really aren’t part of the wardrobe. But boots can certainly be worn (particularly around Pirates Week) and a light jacket or some other form of outerwear.

The local boutiques are already stocking the racks and shelves with the newest designs on the market, and although women’s stores tend to dominate the landscape, you might be surprised to see how much choice there is for the male of the species. A couple of new shops have opened catering specifically to men, and we’ve got the lowdown on them.

This feature covers the hottest looks for men and women, including clothing and accessories, so you can get ideas for some fabulous outfits this fall. We’ve also taken a look at red carpet fashion, as this is the season for parties and galas with lots of sparkle.

Of course, who can talk about fashion and style without referring to the islands’ latest fashion icon – Miss Cayman Islands Anika Conolly? As she prepares to represent Cayman at Miss Universe this month, she still managed to take time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about her experiences so far and her plans for the coming year. Our exclusive interview with her can be found in this section.