Most of the Pirates Week activities are happening in the heart of George Town, with the landing, float parade, street dances and steel pan competition all laid out along Harbour Drive. It therefore just makes sense that Margaritaville downtown is planning to be a big part of the action.

The huge venue is offering the Margaritaville “Pirate’s Escape” 2017, billed as “4 Big Parties, 1 Unforgettable Celebration” for the Pirates Week weekend.

It all kicks off on Thursday and runs through Saturday with one event after the next. You might as well just park your car and surrender to the inevitable. You’re about to be swept away by Margaritaville.

Thursday, Nov. 9

Pirates Invasion Happy Hour
4-9 p.m.
What better way to start the Pirates Week weekend than with a happy hour featuring 50 percent off all drinks and select appetizers? Don’t you just love a happy hour that lasts five hours? There is no cover charge, the event is hosted by the Margaritaville Wenches, and DJ Bengal out of Jamaica will be spinning the hits to get you moving.

Friday, Nov. 10

Pirates Explosion Happy Hour
5-9 p.m.
Another nice long happy hour? Fantastic! All swashbucklers need to head to Margaritaville early for a good seat. Why? Because there will be no better spot from which to view the amazing firework display scheduled for 8:30 p.m. Once again, drinks are 50 percent off with specials on select appetizers. There are VIP viewing decks available (call 949-6274 for more information) and multiple DJs on the decks: DJ Von, DJ Bengal and DJ Heatwave. One of the most coveted bargains is the Captain Morgan’s Signature Cup Deal with a special refill price offered all weekend. Get yerself some grog for less!

Friday, Nov. 10

Pirates Explosion Fireworks After Party
9 p.m.-4 a.m.
Once the fireworks are done, swashbucklers can get into phase two of the night, partying until 4 a.m. while enjoying drink and bottle specials and music from DJ Selecta Renegade and DJ Neko. The Margaritaville Wenches are hosting the evening and there is no cover charge! Wear something comfortable on your feet ‘cos you’re gonna be dancin’ ‘til ya drop!

Saturday, Nov. 11

Pirates & Wenches Party
6 p.m.-midnight
This is the last pirate party of the four. Do you have the energy to keep going? Of course you have! It’s six hours of drink and bottle specials with DJ Kymani Davis (TnT) and DJ Lin in charge of the music for the night. There is no cover charge, and VIP table and bottle service is available (call 949-6274 for more information). The Margaritaville Wenches are hosting once again, and whatever you do, don’t forget your Captain Morgan’s Signature Cup!

Look for the Margaritaville pop-up retail stall on Cardinall Avenue on Friday and Saturday where you can buy all your Margaritaville-branded souvenirs.