Put your best foot forward with these stylish footwear trends.


The classic shoe gets a feminine makeover with bows and lush fabrics such as floral jacquard. Catwalk versions came in everything from leopard print to lemon yellow. Some were backless, others given high heels. Either way, they make the perfect smart shoe for work outfits.

Mary Janes

Something about these strappy, close-toed creations makes us feel like we’re a kid again, kitted out in our best party clothes. And yet the satin, metallic or crocodile skin versions from designers such as Mulberry, Blumarine and Prada are all eminently ladylike. Try a pair with multiple skinny straps for a change from the original.


Feathered, buttoned, glittered, beribboned – you name it, there was a shoe embellished with it. By far the biggest footwear trend of the season, lavishly jeweled designs sparkled across designer collections. Prada’s delicately beaded creations really stole our sartorial hearts, while Gucci pulled out the stops with oriental embroidery and rhinestones. Dolce Gabbana even gave sneakers the special treatment by layering on gems, coins and embroidered patches.