Dark Sky

It seems that when you’ve lived somewhere a long enough time, you become familiar with its weather. You know what that cloud over there means, or how heat and humidity is going to inevitably be followed by rain, thunder and lightning in the afternoon. But when you’re a stranger in a strange land, what do you do? The Dark Sky app forecasts the upcoming weather for the next few hours using special algorithms to offer pretty accurate data. You’ll get detailed information about rain, temperature and humidity, along with radar maps and other useful tools. It’ll help you make the right wardrobe choices before you leave your hotel.




Statistics are all the rage when it comes to sports. Batting averages etc. are all at your fingertips whenever you want them. So how about some stats when you’re traveling? The FlightStats app gives you details about the real-time status of your connecting flights, keeps you in the loop about any delays, gate changes and weather, and allows you to track planes all over the world. Rather than running through the airport trying to find a Departures/Arrivals board, you can simply check your FlightStats app and you’ll have the most up-to-date information at hand. A very useful feature is finding the history of a particular flight to see how it’s recently fared with being on time.




The AirHelp app concept is downright intriguing. Much like those lawyers that advertise on TV late at night or when your grandmother might be watching, the AirHelp app offers to get you the money you’re due. If you don’t get anything, it won’t take a cent. It works like this: If you’ve had a delayed, overbooked or canceled flight in the last few years, you can use this app to see if you’re entitled to some money. In about three minutes, AirHelp will submit the paperwork for you and work on getting your refund. If the claim is successful, the people behind the app get 25 percent. If it isn’t, it doesn’t cost you anything.




Just because someone is traveling alone doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be alone. One of the wonderful things about traveling solo is the opportunity it offers to meet people from around the world. The SoloTraveller app is a social network tool for travelers looking to connect across the globe. Maybe you want to share a taxi or other means of transport with someone to cut costs, or perhaps you want to meet like-minded people – like those who have no problem backpacking everywhere and don’t worry about where they’ll be laying their head each night. Sure, there is Facebook and other social media apps, but SoloTraveller is specific to those looking to connect with other solo travelers.