It’s always nice to have a new clothes brand appear on the scene, particularly when that brand has been launched by a native son. Malcolm Forbes is a young Caymanian businessman and the brainchild behind the ‘Tôrtes Clothing collection, coming to a store near you.

The company started off as an online store, and is now exploring opportunities to have the clothes featured in local shops. The Archives men’s clothing store at 72 North Church St in George Town already carries the line, and Forbes is looking to expand elsewhere.

He created ‘Tôrtes with a definite nod to Cayman culture in mind.

“‘Tôrtes Clothing was created in 2016 to bring to light an elegant brand that reminds me of my culture and where I’m from,” says Forbes, “while representing the Sister Islands globally with class and style by using an iconic logo of a turtle.

“For those who may not connect with the brand on a cultural level, the turtle symbolizes how success is usually achieved – with a slow and steady approach.

“I believe it is in all of us to do extraordinary things, and ‘Tôrtes Clothing is set out to be extraordinary fashion.”

Nicely priced

Unlike many brands, which charge a pretty penny for their clothing, Forbes has deliberately kept the prices of his clothing and accessories in a very reasonable range.

“The price point ranges from mid-US$20 to the higher end of US$30,” Forbes clarifies. “We are still relatively new to the fashion community, so we wanted to have a very competitive price point without sacrificing quality.

“You can see on the website that we carry high quality leather flip-flops, hats with the same quality leather straps, comfortable polo shirts and now, with our new inventory in, we also have crew neck T-shirts that will be available online very soon.”

Although the designs solely cater to men at this stage, there are future plans to eventually carry merchandise for women.

“We are now looking to summer 2018, when we’ll have quality swim shorts available for men and swimwear for women,” says Forbes. “In time we would also like to carry neck ties, dress socks, button up dress shirts, etc.”

Giving back

Although this is clearly a business that Forbes wishes to be successful for his own sake, he has philanthropic notions as well.

“In the end the brand was created for the people in the community,” he says. “Once the brand is on its feet comfortably, I want to start giving back by offering scholarships to kids in the communities in which we sell ‘Tôrtes Clothing.

“I strive to be someone that is remembered for not forgetting where he came from, but also someone who worked hard to reach his goals, and was able to give back. I am currently overseas in pursuit of my dreams, which include inspiring people on a global level to pursue their own.”