Horoscopes – Your forecast for the month of December, 2017

Month of Sagittarius

Sagittarians are lucky by nature, so they usually display a cheerful and optimistic disposition. Their inherent curiosity keeps them more interested in what will happen tomorrow rather than focuses on the mistakes of today. A state of constant change is a delight for them. Sagittarians are extremely independent, truly free spirits and yet, they are the nicest of all the zodiac signs. Sagittarians are kind, openhearted souls who do not expect anything in return when helping a friend. There are no hidden secrets to a Sagittarius – what you see is what you get. Creative, clever, straightforward, congenial – all these traits describe Sagittarius.


March 21-April 19
You definitely need to tune into your emotions. You’re usually a go-go-go type, but even go-go-go types need to slow down and reflect sometimes. Ask yourself the big questions. Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Are you fulfilled? Don’t be afraid to really wade through these big issues, even if you get a little water in your galoshes.


April 20-May 20
Your intuition is your best friend – and your best weapon – so don’t ignore it. After all, if your best friend felt like you were ignoring them, would that be good? With your intuition at your side, there is almost nothing stopping you. Avoid committing to any unnecessary financial risks. Keep your cool with a steady workout routine.


May 21-June 20
If, by any chance, you should happen not to get exactly what you want, don’t get moody. Don’t pout. Don’t whine. Don’t decide nothing is ever going to work. Instead, do your best to figure out how to make the situation work for you. Sometimes serendipity provides you with something far better than what you thought you wanted.


June 21-July 22
You are in for a pretty spectacular start to your month. The year may be ending, but your life feels full of new beginnings. Whether you’re planning a career change or a big geographic move, you’re on the right track. If the changes you’re making are subtler – like meditating for five minutes a day – that’s profound, too.


July 23-Aug 22
You’re feeling extra sensitive as the month gets going. This is great in many ways – you’ll be able to pick up on what’s happening in your surroundings; you’ll know who’s doing well, and why, and who’s not doing so well, and why, which will make the emotional energy floating around less mysterious to you than to others.


Aug 23-Sept 22
The better organized you can get, the better prepared you’ll feel for the onslaught of the holidays, with all their fun and stress, joy and attendant disorder. So, go ahead and organize! By the super charmed 8th and 9th, you’ll be feeling very relaxed and ready for all the warm cuddly romance that’s in store. Pack your chapstick.


Sept 23-Oct 22
If you wake up and feel like everything is so darned screwy that you don’t know what to do, don’t get frustrated. Instead of proceeding according to plan, try something … anything! Try the first thing that comes to you! When you take advantage of the unexpected to find a little more flexibility than you had before, you win.


Oct 23-Nov 21
There’s a lot of energy coalescing around you, pointing you in unexplored directions. What has always fascinated you, but from afar? Whether it’s an idea, a person, a country or even a career, spend some time as winter settles in getting a closer look. There’s no need to limit yourself to the world as you know it.


Nov 22-Dec 21
It looks like you are going to be questioning plenty as the month gets going. Nothing like shorter, cooler days and long, cozy nights to get those curiosity juices flowing. You are struck with a serious case of wanderlust, so take two journeys and check back in the morning to see if your travel fever has abated.


Dec 22-Jan 19
Rather than worrying about how you are going to bring this project you just got started to a successful conclusion, do your best to focus on the issues at hand. The only way to make a journey is step by step. Think about today’s step, and maybe tomorrow’s step. And don’t worry about what will happen after that.


Jan 20-Feb 18
Stop thinking. Start doing! Don’t muse. Act! Don’t hesitate. Plunge in! You definitely need to look beneath the surface. You could find all kinds of fascinating emotions, motivations and inhibitions, there. You have some super amazing holiday gift ideas (and maybe a revolutionary business inspiration or two!) on the 12th and 13th. Now is the time to act!


Feb 19-March 20
Your month starts off just the way you like it: With lots of fun, heaps of romance, a lot of love and a little poetry. Your creative instincts are on and you’re in great shape to get a lot done (and enjoy yourself, doing it). Stick to your own issues, projects and business. There’s drama swirling around you.