Have you heard the buzz about Bread & Chocolate, the vegan restaurant in the heart of George Town? Even certified meat eaters have raved about the food here; one only has to visit its TripAdvisor page to see that visitors from around the world are singing its praises.

Husband-and-wife team Reno Ciantar and Agata Kalicki started the venture a few years ago. They wanted to offer the Cayman Islands some healthy, alternative cuisine that satisfied the growing demand for animal-free dishes. If there was any question about their decision and the size of their customer market, it was quashed pretty quickly. It seems that diners can’t get enough of their sinfully rich Just French Toast or the Shepherd’s Pie (sans shepherd) – the ultimate comfort food.

In fact, Bread & Chocolate has proven itself so well that it recently opened for dinner as well, after years of serving only breakfast and lunch. Recipes like The Angus Beet Burger, West Indian Curry Plate, Young Coconut Ceviche and Philly Sandwich have customers beating a path to their door.

So, what would one choose to wash down such food? Well, Cayman Islands Brewery beer, of course! It ticks all the vegan boxes, plus it is freshly, locally made for that crisp taste you’ve been craving. Not just that, but the brewery offers a clean-and-reuse program. Empty bottles are collected from participating bars and restaurants, then they are cleaned, sanitized and refilled to be used again. This environmentally sound initiative completely fits with Bread & Chocolate’s commitment to protecting the planet, one meal at a time.

If you’ve never thought you’d ever become a vegan yourself, you might want to test that theory by visiting Bread & Chocolate. Apparently, it has converted some die-hard carnivores and no doubt they feel healthier for the change. Perhaps 2018 is the year for you to reconsider some of your food choices. Bread & Chocolate makes it a much easier decision.