New fitness ideas for 2018

For many of us, a new year comes with the resolution to lose weight or get fit.

Unfortunately, as the year drags on, excitement dies down and before you know it, you’re too busy or bored to go back to the gym.

It becomes such a chore to get back on the treadmill. So, you don’t and then you’re back to square one. There is a solution to this problem of monotony: try something new and exciting! There are many courses that provide both the exercise and engagement you need to make it through the year.

Aerial fitness/pole fitness

Have you seen Cirque de Soleil? When they perform daring acrobatics several feet off the floor, suspended by silks or a hoop? Well, you can do that too. Quintessential Movement is a fitness center that has classes on pole, silks and the occasional chair. It helps build endurance, upper body and core strength. Have fun, feeling graceful and sexy, all at the same time. It takes practice, but you’ll get the “hang” of it.


You’ve probably already heard of this global phenomenon, but if you haven’t, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. It is broad and general, not specializing but utilizing a wide variety of functional movements to create a workout. At Cayman CrossFit they provide extra incentive for you to keep coming back in the form support from the group and coach. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be in shape to do CrossFit, CrossFit will get you in shape in a way that covers all the bases!


Another option, F45, uses interval, cardiovascular and strength training to give motivation, innovation and results. With studios all over the world, F45 has proven itself to be both popular and effective. It involves a 45-minute high-intensity circuit training workout class, which means you’re in and out within an hour. A great choice for those who have limited time on their schedule.

Martial Arts

The obvious go to is karate. And why not? Not only does it look cool, but it gets you in shape, cultivates attributes like self-discipline, patience and humility as well as self-defense. Something that, while we hope you never need it, is much better to know and not need than one day need and not know. Cayman Karate Academy teaches both kids and adults. The kids are taught valuable skills in both life and martial arts while the adults are taught self-defense.


Good for the body, mind and soul. Tons of fun that carries over to the rest of your life. It helps you de-stress, improve concentration and emotionally stabilize. As well as encouraging weight loss it improves flexibility, balance and core strength. Bliss yoga provides classes when the room is heated up to 32 degrees Celsius to remove toxins from your body and improve flexibility. It also has air-conditioned classes if hot yoga isn’t your thing.


5K and 10K walks/runs are hosted quite frequently and often double as fundraisers for charity. You can get competitive if you want to or just take a stroll with friends. It’s brilliant for socializing; even if you arrived alone, chances are you’ll bump into a friend or two or seven. It’s a small island. There’s a chance to win prizes, even for the stragglers. Coupons, tickets and vouchers are the norm so stick around afterwards. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get in shape, talk to friends and acquire a free T-shirt. Just a heads up, it may require getting out of bed early but that’s a small price to pay for beating the heat.

At home

If you don’t have time to visit the gym or don’t have the money for classes, there are many free workouts you can do at home. Cardio is a good option, burning around 100 calories every 10 minutes depending on the workout. Be careful, they can be quite high intensity/high impact so take frequent breaks and don’t push yourself, especially if you have bad knees (or other wonky joints) or have somehow injured yourself. Exercises include: jumping jacks, jump rope, jogging in place, burpees (squat, plank position, squat, stand, repeat; very difficult, don’t die), mountain climbers (plank/push up position, running the knees in and out), squat jumps, bear crawls (squat, walk hands into pushup, walk hands back into squat, stand up) and kickboxing.

If you want something less high intensity, then we have some other examples: Superman, plank, pushups, lunges and downwards dog. The internet is your best friend so look up tutorials and other exercises to ensure you don’t sprain something by doing the exercises incorrectly or for advice on how to take it up a level by adding weights or targeting certain parts of the body.