How was your 2017? Do you feel you really got ahead or would you rather turn your back on it and look forward to the future? Well, either way, this is your chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh with exciting plans and resolutions. There is nothing like a new year for brushing away the cobwebs and feeling renewed.

Perhaps it is finally time to satisfy your wanderlust and travel. If so, you should definitely read our “What’s Hot Abroad” piece, a monthly feature that will spirit you away to exotic locations far and wide.

Do you think you should be getting out more? Pick up the latest What’s Hot to learn about upcoming events and weekly drinking and dining specials.

Of course, a New Year’s resolution that can always be found on Top 10 lists is the desire to get fit and lose weight. Not only do we have some suggestions for ways to take it off and keep it off, we also recommend you attend the Live Well event this month. Being held at the ARC in Camana Bay, it will feature wellness demonstrations and booths from local companies that can help you get on track for a healthier 2018.

Resolving to spend more time with loved ones is also a popular promise that people make themselves at the start of each new year. Now, more than ever, it is important to push aside whatever obstacles there are between you, your friends and family and make a real effort to stay in regular touch. Let go of grudges and reunite with long lost relatives. You will be happier for it.

Some are hopeful for a bit of romance appearing in their lives in the coming months, while others would love to have some money in the bank.

Whatever your wishes for the New Year, we wish you a safe and happy one. May all your dreams come true.