Concierges have that unspoken talent of making the impossible happen. They can pull strings and call in favors to get their guests into the finest dining establishments or procure tickets to a “sold-out” event. The Les Clefs D’Or Association is considered the elite of the elite in the concierge industry. Be sure to look out for their distinctive lapel to know you are getting the very best.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your concierge:

Organizing your daily excursions

Concierges often know the lay of the land like the back of their hand. This vast knowledge can come in handy, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city you are visiting. Concierges can book sightseeing tours, tell you where the most popular places are to go, and reveal some of the city’s hidden treasures.

Making the impossible happen

Concierges have connections, and knowing the right people is a surefire way to make a challenging request a reality. They can get tickets to sold-out concerts, book the best table in the house and organize last-minute excursions.

Transporting you from ‘A’ to ‘B’

They have that magic touch when it comes to organizing transfers to and from the hotel and airport, or other destinations. Whether you want a private limo or the number of a trustworthy taxi on a late night, your concierge can make it happen.

Personalizing your stay

There’s nothing like having your stay tailored to accommodate dietary requests and special occasions. Whether you are vegan, nut-free, or lactose intolerant, concierges can cater to your needs both in and out of the hotel room. If you happen to be celebrating a milestone birthday, anniversary, or other occasion, let them know – they can assist with the arrangements.

Wild and wonderful requests

There is very little that will stump a concierge nowadays. Over their careers, they’ve had wild and wonderful requests, as well as some curious questions. Here are a few examples from international and local concierges:

Parachuting in

One such request began with a gentleman asking to land by parachute on Lake Geneva in front of the hotel. While the concierge did everything necessary to arrange such a grand entrance, it ended up being too expensive to execute.

Find my scent

Another concierge was given an empty vial of perfume with no label or markings and asked to replace it. The guest had bought it in the Middle East but couldn’t remember where. The concierge had to contract a specialist perfumer in France to recreate it, which took a month.

Parasailing in a hurricane

One guest asked the concierge to book parasailing for her three children. Bad weather prevented the parasailing boat from launching. An upset mother stormed up to the concierge and demanded to know why the parasailing boat was not on the beach. The concierge looked outside, watching as the palm trees were blowing over, and asked if the mother would really want her children out there. Instead of agreeing, she turned around and demanded to know if the concierge was calling her a bad parent.

An unforgettable Eric Ripert experience

Element Lifestyles, an exclusive concierge company based in Los Angeles, lists an exclusive Eric Ripert experience in their top five requests.

The client was located in Vegas and his wife loved Eric Ripert and Le Bernadin, his three Michelin-starred restaurant in New York. He wanted to have the famous chef cook a dinner in their house, which took many months of convincing, but eventually Ripert agreed.

That December, Ripert and one off his sous chefs flew to Vegas to cook an eight-course dinner for eight friends, including the client’s wife who was flown in from Norway for the occasion.

Did you know?

The roots of the title “concierge” derive from the Latin word conservius, meaning “fellow slave.” The word itself belongs to the French, meaning “keeper of the keys.” During the Middle Ages, the concierge kept keys to all the rooms and was responsible for ensuring guests had everything they needed. In the 20th century, the introduction of steam travel helped launch modern travelling, with guests relying on hotel employees for tours and other services. Hotels relaunched concierges to take care of guests, inventing the modern-day concierge we’ve come to know and love today.