Environmentally conscious cuisine

Have you heard about Vivo Alternative Restaurant in West Bay? Perched on the coast with breathtaking views of the sea, this almost completely vegetarian restaurant (they serve lionfish) has won rave reviews from locals and visitors alike.

You may think of yourself as a meat eater, but Vivo could change your mind. Revered for its coconut ceviche, among other dishes, many carnivores have been more than pleasantly surprised to dig into Vivo’s Big Bap sandwich, Lo Mein and Lemon Scaloppine, all completely sans beef, pork and chicken.

The restaurant is all about using locally-sourced ingredients, and that includes the beer it serves. Vivo has arguably the largest selection of Cayman Islands Brewery bottled beer on the island, stocking Caybrew Premium Light, Caybrew, Ironshore Bock, White Tip, Mango Tango, Twisted Citrus, Seven Mile Wheat and Shell Shock IPA. Talk about your choices!

Of course, as you would expect from an environmentally conscious business such as Vivo, recycling empty bottles is at the top of the list. Vivo is an active participant in the brewery’s clean-reuse-recycle program, where used bottles are picked up free of charge, cleaned, sterilized and reused. It keeps all that glass off the landfill and the landscape.

Beyond the food and freshly made beer that Vivo serves, it is blessed with a fantastic location. Unlike the water off Seven Mile Beach, the waves in West Bay are a much deeper blue – a glorious sight on a sunny day. The restaurant’s casual atmosphere encourages diners to linger a while and enjoy the atmosphere.

The staff members are warm and friendly as well, such as recent addition Marina Ballarini from Italy. Maybe it’s the vegetables that keep them so happy. Perhaps you should go there and find out for yourself.