If you only travel around the U.S., you probably don’t need an app to help you convert currencies. However, once you start flying further afield to Europe, Asia and other far-flung areas of the globe, the Currency app is a very useful tool when paying for goods and services or hitting the ATM machine. You can add the currencies you want so you’re not scrolling endlessly through all the rubles and yen of this world (unless you happen to be in Russia or China) then plug in the amount from your home country and you’ll get an instant conversion based on the latest rate. It works offline too.



Want to know where the locals go? Take advantage of the Localeur app, hailed by The Today Show, Time and Forbes as one of the best travel apps on the market. This tool is for those who eschew the usual tourist traps and instead look for authentic local experiences. Influencers in cities around the world make recommendations based on their inside knowledge to make sure you get the best out of your visit to their native land. From food to shopping to travel options, the Localeur app gives you the scoop. It is also partnered with JetBlue Airways and Tablet Hotels, so there must be something to it.


Circa World Time

When math and geography aren’t your strong suit, trying to figure out international time zones can be difficult (particularly when looking at wacky Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada). The Circa World Time app makes it all blissfully simple with helpful graphics and instant times for all the cities and countries in which you are interested. This is an app that is not only helpful for travelers, but could also be a useful tool for businesspeople trying to coordinate a phone call with associates in different parts of the world. If nothing else, it means you can check the time in Sydney before you wake Uncle Jack up again. He’ll be grateful.



Traveling on a budget? How’s that working out for ya? It seems that no matter how well-intentioned we are, trying to keep track of receipts and what we spent on a trip goes out the window early on a vacation. Then, when the bills come in at the end, we need a few more dollars to buy some Advil. The Spentable app keeps a clear, concise record of the money you spend on accommodation, food, transport, shopping and any other expenses associated with travel or, indeed, everyday life. That’s right – once you’ve come back from that trip you can keep using this app to stop your spending habits from running away with you.