In addition to the many underwater sports for which the cayman islands is known, on-the-water watersports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, waterskiing and wakeboarding are always popular.

Kitesurfing is an exciting sport that has been gaining traction in Cayman for the last 10 years. Similar to wakeboarding or surfing, kiteboarding combines the core features of these sports with sailing, allowing for more freedom on the board.

Perfect for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, kitesurfing provides the release that few other watersports can. With steady winds, warm water, and sheltered lagoons, Cayman’s conditions are excellent for those wanting to learn and practice kitesurfing.

Kitesurf Cayman, West Bay

Kitesurf Cayman, now heading into its tenth season, offers private instruction. Located in Barkers (in the northeast corner of West Bay), sunny days and open space provide the ideal conditions for beginners to learn how to master this sport with confidence.

The kitesurfing community has continued to grow since Kitesurf Cayman first set up roots, and there is now a high demand for this fulfilling sport.

Lesson rates can vary from $125 for a two-hour semi-private lesson, to $217 for a two-hour private lesson or $816 for an eight-hour private lesson.

Getting the gear

Kiteboarders looking to get started with their own equipment can begin by investing anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the quality and newness of the gear they choose. The essential equipment for beginners includes the kite, board, harness, and bars and lines, but others may choose to invest in a wetsuit, life vest, boots, gloves and hood, depending on where they choose to begin and the exposure they are faced with.

Surfboards can be used as alternatives to kitesurfing boards, but it is often better to buy a board designed specifically for kitesurfing to ensure that it can withstand the tension. With the sport becoming more popular, second-hand kitesurfing equipment can be found online for a cheaper cost than brand-new equipment, and Kitesurf Cayman also offers gear rental from their location in West Bay.

Those who have previously surfed, wakeboarded, snowboarded, or windsurfed have a shorter learning curve due to the core principles of all these sports. However, anyone who has the patience and wants to learn can master kiteboarding. With good instruction and confidence in the water, the learning curve is accelerated, and beginners can learn to kitesurf in no time.

Call Jhon Mora at Kitesurf Cayman on 916-5483 for more details or email him at [email protected] to book your lesson today.