When the Barcardere Marina opened, a stone’s throw from Owen Roberts International Airport, it brought with it the George Town Yacht Club. A two-story building with a large bar and restaurant downstairs and private function room upstairs, complete with balcony, the club has become a social hub for locals and a great way for visitors to relax before an upcoming flight.

Behind the bar they’ll usually find Vincent “Vinny” Rayner, a well-traveled chap in his own right who was, in fact, taking a trip to Greenland a few days after this interview.

Vinny was born in Norwich, U.K. and is exotically half-French. His hospitality industry career started fairly quietly at a Brannigans when he was 18 years old. Who would imagine that these humble beginnings would lead to such future experiences as working at La Rascasse for the F1 Monaco Grand Prix?

He learned the skills of the trade on the job, taking them with him to positions in France, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden and of course, the Cayman Islands.

“I enjoy having the freedom to travel and meet new people,” he says. “The ability to test new ideas and the option of working both days, nights weekdays and weekends holds great appeal for me.”

When asked what he likes about working at George Town Yacht Club, he replies: “GTYC is a great place to work as we have a terrific lunchtime crowd made up of locals and expats. We are next to the airport so there are plenty of tourists taking advantage of the free shuttle, and the marina brings in new people daily who are sailing the world.

“We host all the major fishing tournaments, lionfish cull, Earth Day cleanups etc. and we have an amazing events room where we do everything from classes and seminars to weddings and birthdays.”

We couldn’t let Vinny go without finding out what that Greenland trip was all about. “I am off to Greenland for work! [laughs]. I am going heli-skiing and dogsledding for 10 days and making cocktails for some clients of mine. Should be fun!”