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The girls of the Pearl

Skating is no longer a ‘boys only’ sport. As the skateboarding community grows on Grand Cayman, more girls are taking up the sport at the Black Pearl Skate and Surf Park.   Ali Amos, manager of the Black Pearl, has been skating since 1986 and has witnessed many changes in the sport.   “When I first fell in love with skateboarding it was something that girls just did not do,” she says.

Romantic dinner made simple

Once upon a time the only cooking men would do involved a fire, half an ox and the great outdoors.   Yet modern man has evolved, to a point where we occasionally venture into the kitchen – and not just to get a beer from the fridge.

Bringing fitness home

For many, taking care of their health is one of the first things on the New Year’s resolutions list, and for good reason.  “Your body is the only thing you really own,” says Jeanna Parsons of Mobile Fitness Solutions.

Irving Hernandez and Musical Crew

 Even if you have never attended a venue to hear Musical Crew there is a good chance that you have seen them perform.  For us regular travellers or the visiting tourists, one knows right away when you are in the Cayman Islands as you exit your aircraft and in the background you hear the sweet sounds of live calypso or reggae.