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The Mako Shark

The captain was backing down hard on the blue marlin that was swimming away from the boat, the angler keeping the line tight, and the expectant mate was leaning over the transom reaching for the leader. The marlin was just below the surface, and in a few seconds would ...

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Defeating diabetes

In Cayman, it is estimated that some 10 per cent of the adult population lives with diabetes.  Although Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevents, Type 2 diabetes is another matter entirely. Lifestyle changes, especially in those at risk of developing the disease, can prevent the onset of diabetes. 

Cross train for the marathon

The Cayman Islands Marathon will be taking place in a couple of week and runners and walkers all over the island are preparing for the challenge.

Depending on who you ask you will get different answers when it comes to how you should prepare for the marathon.  

In it for the long run

The marathon remains one of the most respected endurance events and little wonder. The legend of Pheidippides’ run from the Battle of Marathon to Athens tells how the messenger brought tidings of victory, before he promptly dropped dead.