Five simple tips for great summer photos

Do you ever wonder how professional photographers capture such amazing images? It doesn’t take a fancy camera or expensive photo-editing software to get incredible photos you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. Check out What’s Hot’s five simple tips to help you get great photos.

  • Shoot unexpected portraits to capture authentic beauty and personality. Part of the art of capturing great photos of your friends and family is learning to watch and wait for moments to reveal themselves. In addition to traditional posed portraits, take photos when your subject is not performing for the camera. Ideal photo opportunities present themselves when your subject is engaged in an activity like reading, singing, dancing, or interacting with other people.
  • Capture unique perspectives to create artistic images. Shoot above and beyond traditional eye-level snapshots. Kneel and shoot up, or step on a stool to shoot down. Get up close to your subject. Tilt the horizon line of your image slightly for a unique angle. We’re so used to pointing and shooting, but it is just as simple to create artful images by composing your shots a little differently.
  • Frame the shot to give your images visual interest. Consider your surroundings and how you can use visual elements like doorways, trees or even negative space to frame your image. This simple technique can truly enhance your everyday photos by adding context.
  • Edit photos to bring out the natural beauty in your photos. Often, the image captured by a camera loses the details and colours of what you saw in real-life. Or perhaps you captured a photo of special moment and the lighting was not ideal. Photo editing can rescue your images and take your photos from good to great.
  • Experiment and play. Use your intuition and curiosity when capturing and editing photos. Pushing the boundaries of photography and photo-editing techniques can be a lot of fun and a great way to learn. WH