Fresh breezes fresh food

Make your way to the district of West Bay either by road or boat, and you will discover the idyllic Morgan’s Harbour Restaurant and Marina overlooking beautiful North Sound. Owners Jane and Richard Schweiger have worked in the hospitality industry for years, and now use their considerable experience and talent to make this local favourite a must-visit for anyone who has not yet sampled their fresh and tasty menu offering Caribbean/seafood and international fare.

Both strongly believe that if one is going to live on a Caribbean island, one should sample the bounty it has to offer, and there is no greater bounty than what can be found in the surrounding sea. Not only do they use the finest ingredients in their recipes (their ceviche has been lauded in many publications), but their motto is “Fresh Fish, Fun Times” and that’s exactly what patrons can expect. The fishermen pull up to the marina, their catch is purchased and it’s on the grill the same day.

You can’t get any fresher than that.Many residents find themselves at Morgan’s Harbour Restaurant, particularly on the weekend, where they know that they can relax with friends, take in the view, eat an excellent meal, and indulge in a glass of wine under the sparkling night sky. Casual and comfortable is encouraged here, so leave stuffy at the door and definitely keep the tuxedo in the closet. WH


Stephen Clarke