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Pirates Point Resort 

Little Cayman has all the atmosphere that a wannabe Robinson Crusoe searches for. The diving is spectacular and seclusion is available down practically every sandy path leading to the sea. And if all that wasn’t tempting enough, there’s more – something you’d never expect to find on an island with a population of just under 120 people – there’s first class dining at Pirates Point Resort & Dive Resort.

Resort owner, diver, environmentalist – Gladys Howard is considered by many to be one of the Sister Islands’ top chefs. A proud Texan, who in 1986 did a little “ horse trading” and swapped a piece of land in Tyler for Pirates Point, Gladys is the author of several popular cook books, the recipient of the Yellow Rose of Texas award and the Queen’s Badge of Honour.
Before making Little Cayman her home, Gladys operated an international cooking school and gourmet catering service for 20 years in Tyler. She also appeared in a serious of cooking shown on Tyler’s KLTV.

I don’t believe that I’ve ever missed the opportunity to dine at Pirates Point during my Little Cayman excursions and I always insist that I dine with Gladys. I love hearing her many tales of running a resort on a remote island, and at the same time absorbing the techniques to many of her tasty recipes.

After dinner all gather in the lounge for drinks or coffee and take a visual tour of what some might consider a “nautical-seashore” art gallery. Over the years guests have beach combed Little Cayman and collected everything from sea beans, to sea fans to desiccated crabs and crafted some very unusual works of art, truly original sculptures.

Here is one of my favourite “easy” Chef Gladys Howard’s recipes. However, missing from the ingredients is her company and the serenity of Little Cayman.

If you fancy a stay, book a flight with Cayman Express and call Gladys for a reservation at 948-1010. WH