Let Silver Rain brighten your day

Long known for its rare beauty and timeless appeal, the unique properties of platinum have been harnessed by the la prairie skincare range to recapture the luminescence of young skin.

Intrigued by the promise of platinum’s ingenious cosmetic use, and keen to indulge in some serious pampering at the Ritz-Carlton’s Silver Rain Spa, I went to try out a luxury hour-long facial.

The deluxe treatment consists of a cleansing, detoxifying facial to rid skin of impurities. This is followed by the application of a rich balancing mask and was finished off by the Holy Grail of facial devotees – the la prairie platinum infusion enhancement using the decadently priced Cellular Cream Platinum Rare.

Thought to defend delicate facial skin against the ageing caused by free radicals, the soufflé light cream is also said to reduce the appearance of fine facial lines, restore elasticity and boost radiance.

Facial skin ages quickly when exposed to the daily onslaught of salt air, sun and environmental toxins. La prairie’s Platinum skincare line of moisturisers, serums and lotions use the latest scientific know-how to arrest that damage at a cellular level using the state-of-the-art hydrating and rejuvenating properties of platinum-infused products. It is little wonder then that the la prairie Platinum-infusion facial is one of the most sought-after treatments used exclusively in Cayman at the Silver Rain Spa.

The Spa’s reputation precedes it, and so with the envious sighs of co-workers ringing in my ears, I went in search of facial nirvana. Having switched off my computer and silenced my BlackBerry, I put myself in the care of the spa’s la prairie-trained staff.

To enter the Silver Rain Spa is to banish stress and deadlines.

Feeling my stress begin to slough off, I took in the soothing beauty of my wintry surroundings. Vaguely New Age and pristine, the calming sound of the vast water feature banished all thoughts of the melee beyond the spa doors. I’d escaped the heat and chaos of the outside world and discovered a private oasis of silver-hued calm.

Noting everything about the luxurious surroundings, I robed and was escorted to Silver Haven: the spa’s luxury chill-out area. Happy to recline a while eating dates and nuts like a seasoned potentate, I was met by my esthetician Yvonne. Scooping up another bowl of fresh fruit and nuts, I padded off after her to the treatment room.

Offered a choice of music, I opted for the soothing strains of Dvojac. The irony of my escape to the sound of The New World symphony wasn’t lost on me.

Once I had settled comfortably between the warm sheets on the facial table, Yvonne did a facial skin assessment, examining every inch of my face with laser-like intensity. We discovered, much to my dismay, that I have dry skin and a greasy T-zone. Undaunted, Yvonne began delicately massaging and applying rich and soothing unguents to pamper my parched and furrowed face.

Expertly kneading and prodding my facial muscles into submission, she basted my face with the la prairie treatment. Warm, blissed out and relaxed, I was keen to see if the luxury treatment really had made a scrap of difference to my harried skin.

My treatment finished, Yvonne left me to get robed. No doubt I was rested but had the facial worked? Turning up the light, I peered closely at my face. Yes, it certainly looked smoother. My crow’s feet weren’t as pronounced; my mirth-robbing ‘laughter lines’ had been wiped off my face. I undoubtedly looked fresher – but would it last?

My harshest critics, who admit to being my best friends, said I looked rested. And, short of a standing ovation, that is good enough for me.

A week later and my skin was still looking pretty good. My husband, who rarely comments on my appearance, asked me if I was sleeping better. “You look rested,” he shrugged, responding to my bemused look, before returning to the TV. Bless him, he was, as always, way off base but both he and the platinum facial are priceless. WH