Above the fray in Camana Bay

Locals and visitors have long been savouring the offerings of Camana Bay. Whether it be an afternoon of shopping in the Town Centre, a night at the movies, or coming home to the high-end comforts of living at The Terraces, Camana Bay has established itself as the ultimate island destination, offering commercial and residential spaces along with an evolving calendar of entertainment options.
Adding to the ever-growing list of possibilities available at Camana Bay, the developers are preparing to expand the destination next month by opening the observation tower. This 75 feet tall civic structure will be the first of its kind in the Cayman Islands and has already generated substantial public interest. Modelled after the louvered windows of traditional great houses, the tower is located adjacent to The Crescent and is a seamless addition to the contemporary Caribbean aesthetic of Camana Bay.
A one-of-a-kind vantage point, the tower offers positions it as a destination of its own, even though it is tucked amongst the retail and dining attractions of Camana Bay’s central thoroughfare. Standing at the tower’s highest point, visitors will have an incomparable view of the Camana Bay property from high above the palm trees that line Main Street.
The tower also offers 360 degree views of Grand Cayman beyond the development, including Seven Mile Beach, George Town and the marine parks of the North Sound. Looking towards the west, visitors will also be able to enjoy an aerial view of the indigenous plants and trees along Camana Way, which features vegetation that is representative of the five ecosystems that exist in the Cayman Islands. These unmatched vistas offer locals a new perspective from which to appreciate their country while visitors will no doubt appreciate having their trip enhanced after seeing the totality of Cayman’s beauty from above.
In addition to the panoramic views, the climb to the top of the tower is quite an experience itself. Visitors ascend via a double helix staircase, two spirals that interweave but never touch, while the ocean breezes flow through the extra-wide slatted windows. The walls will feature a floor to ceiling handmade tile mosaic. Conceived by The Design Theorem and jointly designed with Bizazza Mosaico, the mosaic is based on a Jim Hellenm photograph of Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman. The image depicts Cayman’s reefs and marine life at an unprecedented scale, giving climbers the sensation of ascending from a deep sea dive, viewing Cayman’s world famous underwater sea life from sea bed to surface.
After visiting the observation tower, climbers can refresh themselves with a banana split from Häagen Dazs, an iced coffee from Café del Sol or a glass of Chardonnay on Abacus’ outdoor patio. The observation tower is the ideal focal point for a family outing or an interesting date night.
Slated to open in October 2009, the observation tower will certainly become another one of the many attractions that have made Camana Bay the newest hub for shopping, dining and entertainment in the Cayman Islands. Visitors and residents are sure to appreciate all that these islands have to offer from atop the tower.  Be among the first to hear of the observation tower’s official opening by signing up for Camana Bay’s weekly e-newsletter at [email protected] or simply visit camanabay.com for more information about Camana Bay’s exciting monthly activities.   WH